The Stone Carvings - Marble

From 1976 through l979 I began using stone for its inherent sensual possibilities as well as for its potential for metaphor. Stone is hard and cold, but can be rendered soft and pliant. It has weight and inert mass but can appear to grow, to lose its weight, to engulf or fuse with other forms. And yet it must always remain true to itself-solid, durable. As a carver, I worked toward “finding” the form within the stone. The carvings, executed in Vermont marble,ranged in scale from two to three feet in height –their highly polished limb-like forms often twisted back upon themselves forming hidden spaces at their turning points. In “Pushing Out”, a single “torso”, balanced on its rounded bottom, splits apart, convoluting in sensual folds and crevices at the point of separation. I wrote my book “I Carve Stone’ during this period of intense involvement and passion for the carving process.